Do you want to speak English more confidently and advance your career in just 4 weeks for only $75 $49*?

Join the monthly
Data Storytelling in English

Next bootcamp starts: February 6th, 2022

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If you want to.....

Give more engaging data presentations.

Communicate with non-technical individuals.

Perform better during interviews.

Discuss your insights clearly during meetings.

Develop your communication skills.

Speak English more confidently.

This is your opportunity

Here's What You'll Learn:

Data Storytelling Frameworks for 3 Situations:




Embrace the power of storytelling frameworks and advance your communication skills rapidly.

Why focus on frameworks?

Would you rather......

Invest years trying to learn new vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms?

Invest hours learning how to use the language you already know more effectively?

Data professionals around the world have found value in storytelling frameworks.


My name is David Gates.


I am from the United States and have been teaching English for 10 years. 

My goal is to help my clients reach their communication goals rapidly.

2 years ago, I noticed a problem. 

Most English courses are too general and they don't address the real needs of learners.

So I decided to specialize and work with one profession.  

Since March 2020 I have helped hundreds of data professionals improve their English communication skills. 

This is my personal invitation to join the Data Storytelling in English bootcamp. 

I want you to succeed and know you can improve your communication skills if you decide to take action. 

Here's how the bootcamp works:

Every Sunday and Thursday you'll watch 1 short video.

You'll learn key storytelling elements, frameworks, or language.

Next, you'll complete a short assignment to practice the skills using your own projects.

Finally, review the language scripts and submit a recording in English.

In just 4 weeks you'll know how to...

Structure your language for maximum impact.

Tell a data-driven story during a presentation meeting, or interview.

Answer questions confidently.

But the most important takeaway will be...

a realization that you can improve your English communication skills rapidly when you focus on frameworks.

My Personal Money-Back Guarantee

Join the bootcamp, watch the videos, and complete the assignments.

After completing all of that, if you feel like you haven't become more confident when speaking English. I'll send you all your money back.


That's right.

Either you become a more confident speaker or you don't pay.

Are you ready to take action and improve your communication skills?


Q: How much does it cost to join the bootcamp?

A: To register participants must pay a one-time fee of either $75 or $49. The first 20 participants receive a 35% discount.

Q: When does the challenge start?

A: The challenge starts at the beginning of each month. The next challenge will start on February 6, 2022. You'll receive confirmation after registration and a pre-challenge video one week before the challenge begins. 

Q: Where and when can I watch the videos?

A: Videos will be uploaded to our e-learning course (hosted on Thinkific) every Sunday and Thursday.

Q: What if I'm busy and miss one day?

A: You'll have access to all of the previous videos throughout the bootcamp, so if you're busy for a few days you can catch up.

Q: How much time do I need to invest?

A: Each video is between 5-10 minutes. You'll then need 15-20 minutes to complete the assignment. In total it will require about 1 hour per week for 4 weeks.  

Q: This is a language course will I get speaking practice?

A: Yes! Throughout the bootcamp, you'll need to record yourself and practice storytelling. I will review and offer you feedback. 

Q: Do I need a certain English level?

A: This course is suitable for nearly every speaker. If you can tell me what you did last weekend, you can complete this course. The course focuses on helping you use the language you already know more effectively. 

Q: What if I have questions about the videos?

A: Every week during the challenge, I will host a Q&A to address any questions. You can also reach me by email.

Q: Can I really get my money back?

A: Yes! If you follow the course, complete the assignments and aren't satisfied, I'll refund you no questions asked. 

Q: Will I have access to the videos after the challenge is finished?

A: Yes! If you complete all of the assignments during the bootcamp you'll receive lifetime access to all the videos for free.

Q: I have a different question, how can I get in touch?

A: Reach out to David directly at info@accentswelcome.com

Q: I'm ready to take action! How do I join?

A: Click the link below to join. 

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