English for Data Professionals

  • Master storytelling.

  • Easily discuss technical concepts.

  • Speak confidently in any situation. 

Data professionals face incredible challenges.


Anton is a data scientist from the Netherlands. He works for an international company in the food industry and has been working in the field for 5 years. Anton is a very bright data professional. He began his career as a data analyst. He then continued to develop his technical skills and was eventually able to find his current job as a data scientist. 


Despite all of his success, Anton still faced a problem. Quite frequently, he had to communicate with various individuals and convince them of the value of his data projects. 


Anton always seemed to struggle in these situations. He struggled to engage his audience and communicate his insights clearly. He struggled when explaining complex topics to non-technical individuals. He struggled to convince skeptical managers of the value he was bringing. When he was looking for a job, he had similar issues during interviews.

Communicating in English only made Anton more nervous. He lacked confidence and would often ramble. 


Anton knew that in order to achieve his goals and advance in the field, he must improve his communication skills. 


From speaking with Anton, it was clear to me that he only needed to develop one essential skill: 


The ability to tell stories.



I help data professionals develop excellent English communication skills. 

I’ve been teaching English for over 10 years. I have a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's degree in Second Language Education.


I have taught employees of international organizations including Ernst and Young, Deloitte, Facebook, Volkswagen, L'Oreal, and Toyota. 

Over the years I have realized that general business English courses have a problem.


They do not focus on the real needs of learners.


While grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are important great communication goes beyond this.


Accountants have different communication needs than human resources representatives. Advertising professionals have different needs than data professionals.

In order to truly help my clients succeed, I knew I needed to develop a curriculum that focuses on their needs. So in March 2020, I created a curriculum to help data professionals develop excellent storytelling skills in English.


My name is David Gates.

Storytelling is a data professional's swiss-army knife.


It allows you to connect with diverse audiences, communicate technical concepts clearly, and show the value in your work. 


It will make you an indispensable part of your organization.

Here's what storytelling can do for you:

By understanding different storytelling frameworks you'll be able to tailor your communication to your audience and motivate action.

Storytelling can help you simplify your language and discuss technical concepts with non-technical individuals.

Stories allow you to present your insights and experiences clearly when giving proposals, presentations, or during an interview.

Here’s what former students have to say:

"David is amazing and the data science English classes are one of the most interesting things I have done on data science. From interview preparation to speaking with confidence at conferences, David provides you all the story-telling frameworks that help you explain complex concepts and tell stories in an exciting way. A really good investment on my career."


Data Scientist


I took his classes in order to prepare technical case interviews in BCG Gamma. The remarkable points of his classes are threefold:

(1) He consistently taught me the importance of storytelling, which made it easy for me to structure my answer logically.


(2) He provided highly customized lessons with me, meeting my needs to get ready for technical case interviews.


(3) The lesson fee was very reasonable, and the ROI was greater than other competitors.


The result: thanks to his lessons, I was able to get an offer from BCG Gamma! I recommend his interview-prep course to every data scientist who is in the face of business/technical case interviews but not certain about how to address them. David is for sure to give you appropriate guidance to pass them and get your dream job!


Data Scientist


David knows how to captivate attention, teach complex concepts and encourage participation. Through his advice, I found an international internship and I know now how to explain data science concepts to different kinds of audiences. I am also more confident in English now and I really improve my expression and my comprehension. I really enjoyed his course and I definitely recommend them.


Data Scientist


I started to work on improving my story-telling and communication skills in English with David in August 2020. I was astonished by the quality and brightness of his approach and immediately recommended his program to my friends. If you strive to be better in communication, either public or private - David will help you!


Kaggle Competition Grandmaster


Before, I was really afraid of using English to do presentations or have an English interview. I would be stressed, nervous, and speechless. I needed to memorize the transcript, otherwise, when audiences asked the question out of my preparation, I would totally draw a blank.


However, after taking David class, it totally changes my way of preparing a presentation or an interview. He taught me how to speak in a storytelling formula without memorization, how to present in a persuasive way, and also taught me how to hold an engaging presentation.


Now, when I face an English presentation or interview, I still feel nervous but I have more confidence than before. Besides, when people ask me questions, I can answer fluently and persuasively without memorized the answer beforehand.


Last but not least, David is a really patient and hard-working teacher, so don’t be afraid that your poor English will cause the teacher to feel annoyed! I think most Asians will have this concern. During these 10 classes, I never saw David feel impatient or lost his passion for teaching.


Do you have trouble with English presentations or interviews just like me? Don’t hesitate to take the class!!!


Data Analyst 


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