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Attention: For data professionals who want to improve their English communication skills and advance their careers. 

David Gates

English coach for data professionals.

How Data Professionals Can Speak English More Confidently Through Storytelling?   

A free step-by-step guide on how to tell stories that educate, engage, and inspire.

What's inside?

  • The fastest way to improve your English communication skills.
  • How to turn storytelling into a communication superpower?  The 
  • The 3 steps needed to become a great storyteller. 
  • Practical examples of data-driven stories. 
  • Clear tasks to help you create a data-driven story in 1 hour or less. 
  • Bonus video content: Storytelling in Interviews

Join over 1,000 data professionals from 20+ countries who have started to improve their English communications skills.

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