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A new guide for data professionals who want to speak English confidently  and are FINALLY ready to...

Stop Speaking "Tech"


...and start speaking the same language as your not-so-technical teammates. 


Because being able to simplify your work means executives won't expect "magic"--- just because data science is involved. And your teammates? They'll trust the counterintuitive results of your A/B tests. Which leads to...


Successful projects. New opportunities. And career growth. 


Get started with this FREE guide. 

With these techniques, I could finally organize the chaos in my mind and use a clear structure to prepare my communication


This short guide will give you the tools you need to  break down technical communication into small, simple steps.

David Gates M. Ed.
Written by an English coach for data professionals working at top companies...
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In less than 30 minutes you’ll know:

  • The 2 frameworks you can use to explain your work to a client who doesn't even understand the difference between a database and a dataset

  • Why if you're a non-native speaker you need to use frameworks to sound like English is your first language

  • The biggest obstacle you face when explaining technical concepts (pg. 4)

  • Why you should you should steal (and improve) good explanations you hear plus

  • Why asking for feedback is a terrible idea and what to ask for instead (pg. 28)

  • BONUS: How you can use ChatGPT to make your technical explanations so simple even your grandma would understand

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Data Professional's Guide to Explaining Technical Concepts 

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