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My Story

I’m sitting at my desk after a long day of work and I realize that I don’t like my job.


I had been teaching English for over 10 years and loved working with diverse students but at this moment I started to lose my love for teaching. That day, I taught an accountant from Mexico, a doctor from France, and a child from China.


I had just finished working for 8 hours but was only paid for 3. I was spending a huge amount of time preparing for these classes. I was frustrated. Worse yet, my lessons were too general. A French doctor has very different communication needs than a Mexican accountant. My clients were not advancing their skills rapidly so their motivation to learn decreased.


I glance at my schedule. The following day I have to teach an IT professional from Germany, two children from Korea, and a hotel manager from Spain.


As I sat at the desk, overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do, I wonder whether starting my own business was a mistake.


I realize this business is not sustainable. I decide to make a change.


I know to truly benefit my clients I need to focus on one industry and develop a curriculum based on their needs.


I spend the next few weeks thinking about the situation and choose data professionals as I had worked with several in the past. I loved using my background in Journalism to help them tell stories.


I've been working with them ever since.


This change has helped immensely. My curriculum can easily be tailored for each data professional’s specific needs. My clients are advancing their skills rapidly. They're excited to learn. Every day I'm optimistic, knowing I've helped someone move closer to their English communication goals.


It has made me remember my love for teaching.

That story utilized Kinda Hall's storytelling framework:

Can you identify each part?


Do you want to tell better stories in English?

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