Our Approach

Our curriculum is guided by the following principles:

1.) Exposure to the diversity of English.

Our lessons will expose you to different English accents and varieties so that you are prepared to confidently use English with speakers from every country.

2.) Fluency over Accuracy

Using English in authentic settings does not require perfection. Instead confidence and the ability to speak about a variety of subjects are most important

3.) Vocabulary over Grammar

While grammar is important, many mistakes rarely lead to misunderstandings. A lack of vocabulary, however, can stop a conversation instantly.

4.) Embracing Accents

Native speakers come with a variety of diverse accents. We believe non-natives should too. We do not try to change our students' accents. Instead, our focus is on slight adjustments to pronunciation that will ensure you can be understood by all English speakers.


5.) Cultural Awareness

Cross-cultural communication goes beyond knowledge of a language. Our classes frequently explore cultural differences to prepare you for authentic interactions.  

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